Tantalus Body Polish
Tantalus Body Polish

Tantalus Body Polish

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Tantalus is a super refreshing and sophisticated summer fragrance. It starts with ripe, tangy grapefruit fused with garden-fresh mint. Hints of lavender and rhubarb add depth and complexity to this fresh fragrance. Citrus essential oils enhance this bold scent, while mint, thyme, and bergamot essential oils give it an herbal counter to the punchy, juicy grapefruit.

Tantalus body polish is infused with natural essential oils including grapefruit, mandarin, orange, lemon, thyme, bergamot, and buchu leaf.

Top | Rhubarb, Mint, Grapefruit

Middle | Apple, Lavender, Rose

Base | Vanilla


Tantalus was the son of Zeus and the nymph Pluto, and was the king of Sipylus, and was know for his great wealth and closeness with the gods. Tantalus was welcomed to sup at the table of the gods in Olympus, and infamously abused their hospitality. 

Tantalus, an arrogant man who believed that he himself was worthy of immortality, stole ambrosia and nectar thinking that he could take it back to his people, in order to make them immortal and reveal the divine secrets of the gods. In an attempt to test the gods' powers of observation, Tantalus later killed his own son, Pelops, and served him to the gods in pieces. The gods realized at once what had been served to them, and refused to eat-- save for Demeter, who was beside herself at the recent abduction of her daughter, Persephone. Demeter bit into  the shoulder of Pelops, and in her desperation begged Zeus to appeal to the Fates to bring the boy back to life. The fates did so, and the missing piece of his shoulder was replaced by a piece of ivory forged by Hephaestus.

For his deception, Tantalus was sent to Tartarus to be imprisoned for eternity and was cursed with insatiably thirst and hunger. He was made to stand in a pool of water, but when he bent down to drink the waters would recede. Tantalus was positioned beneath a tree filled with boughs of succulent fruits, but a breeze would blow the branches our of his grasp whenever he reached up to pick any to eat.

Tantalus' punishment was set as a warning for humanity not to cross the line between mortals and gods, and inspired the term "a Tantalean punishment". The myth of Tantalus also became the source of the word "Tantalize", referring to being tormented by something within sight that is unobtainable.

Our handcrafted body polishes leave skin feeling nourished and moisturized. 

Antioxidant-rich grapeseed and vitamin E oils leave skin feeling silky smooth, while mango butter, cocoa butter, and fractionated coconut oil all work together to moisturize and soften the skin.

Naturally derived BTMS-50 and Optiphen serve to keep our body polishes creamy and free from water-borne pathogens that might be introduced in your shower or bathtub.

Organic cane sugar ensures that our body polishes provide just the right amount of exfoliation without having to worry about micro-abrasions or razor burn that can accompany other larger granules like salt.

Store in a cool and dry place when not in use. Before closing, tip vessel to drain any water that has entered during use.

If settling or separation occurs, gently stir your body polish with a spoon to recombine.

Our body polish labels are curbside recyclable and are categorized under plastic category 4 LDPE, or low-density polyethylene.

Our body polish containers and lids are curbside recyclable and are categorized under plastic category 1 PET, or polyethylene terephlalate.

Orpheus and Lyre is committed to remaining plastic negative. This means that we calculate the plastic footprint of each product, and provide funding to plastic recovery and recycling initiatives equal to twice as much plastic as that product's unique footprint.

This funding creates and improves rural plastic infrastructure used for plastic collection, sorting, and recycling as well as the recovery and recycling of low-value plastic waste from nature, landfills, incineration plants, and our planet's oceans.

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